Minor in Agronomy and Soils


4 credits: CSES 2040 (Basic Soil Science)

4 credits: CSES 1000 (Basic Crop Science)

3 credits from courses in the crop sciences: CSES 3120
(Principles of Weed Science), 3150 (Turfgrass Management),
4000 (Advanced Crop Production), 4010 (Forage Production
and Utilization), 5100 (Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement),
5160 (Advanced Turfgrass Management) or 5400 (Bioenergy
and the Environment)

3 credits from courses in the soil sciences: CSES 4200 (Soil
Judging), 4210 (Advanced Soil Judging), CSES 5000 (Soils and
Environmental Quality), 5020 (Nutrient Management), 5060
(Soil Microbiology), 5080 (Soil Resources and Conservation)
or 5150 (Soil Morphology), 5300 (Soil Chemistry) or 5590
(Environmental Soil Physics)

3 credits selected from any of the above courses, or other CSES 
courses as approved by advisor

17 credits

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