Agronomy and Soils

Agronomy incorporates the basic sciences (such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology and microbiology) into an applied science, which is the foundation for most agriculture. Soil science involves issues related to crop production and also to environmental aspects of soil management. Our department offers four curriculum options in agronomy and soils to help tailor your classes to fit specific interests.  With our agronomy and soils program, you will have the deep scientific knowledge and skills for a successful academic and professional future in agriculture.


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In the production option, you’ll study food, feed, fiber, oil, forage and bioenergy crop production. You’ll prepare for a variety of careers with farm operations, farm-advisory agencies, agri-life companies, extension systems, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and more.


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This option focuses on turf production and maintenance for golf courses, sports fields, home lawns and business turf. This academically rigorous option will also prepare you for graduate school or careers in cooperative extension, sales or research.



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The science option will provide you with a scientific base in soil morphology, chemistry and microbiology. You’ll be prepared for a research career with agri-life corporations or with state or federal agricultural research agencies. Most students choosing the science option intend to pursue graduate degrees.


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Soil and related resources are the foundation for land use planning and management in both rural and urban settings, and this option is designed to provide the academic background for pursuing a career in soil science. You’ll prepare for a career in consulting, state and federal regulation or research.


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Crop, Soil & Environmental Science Club

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Student Conservation Association

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American Society of Agronomy

A national organization for agronomists and students in the crop, soil and environmental sciences.

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