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Our undergraduate majors include crop and soil science as well as environmental science. We also offer a minors in agronomy & soils and stewardship-based agriculture. Each of these programs incorporates the basic sciences — such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology and microbiology — into an applied science, which is the foundation for most agriculture. The Crop and Soil Sciences major includes four curriculum options: production, turf management, science and soil, water and land use. The environmental science major also includes studies in contemporary issues facing society as a whole, as well as the historical, social, economic and political contexts that scientists face in dealing with environmental issues on local and global scales.



We offer two majors — crop & soil science, and environmental science — as well as concentrations in production, turfgrass management, science, and soil, water and land use. We also have minors in agronomy & soils and stewardship-based agriculture.

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Major in Environmental Science

man and women looking at water samples from a stream

Help create a cleaner, healthier world by developing solutions to some of our world's greatest issues.

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Minor in Agronomy and Soils

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The minor in Crop and Soil Sciences offers a strong scientific foundation to compliment a variety of majors in the agricultural or natural sciences as well as business or engineering.

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Minor in Stewardship-Based Agriculture

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The minor in stewardship-based agriculture focuses on crop and animal production for small-scale, international or other alternative production systems beyond conventional ag-scale production.

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