Graduate Degree Requirements

Before we accept you into our graduate program, we need you to meet a few requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to help ensure that all students receiving graduate degrees have a reasonable understanding of basic science.

  • Students should hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and have satisfactory GPA and GRE scores. Specific undergraduate course requirements depend on the student’s major interest. 
  • The required undergraduate level courses do not count towards a degree, but grades received in these courses are figured in the grade point average. Most students who have undergraduate degrees in a science curriculum will have already taken most of these courses or closely related courses that can be substituted for the requirement. Any substitution must be approved by the graduate curriculum committee. In some situations, students who receive their undergraduate degrees from other institutions may be required to provide proof that the courses taken are reasonable substitutes for the required courses.
  • There is no specific schedule for graduate courses in the crop, soil and environmental science department. The course of study is determined by the student and advisory committee.
  • There is no foreign language requirement.
  • Graduate students in a program requiring a thesis or a dissertation will register for at least one hour of CSES 7990 or CSES 8990 per semester. Research Associates who also are graduate students are exempt from this requirement but must complete 10 hours of 7990 in the master’s program or 20 hours of 8990 if in a Ph.D. program.