violet, common blue

COMMON NAME: Violet, common blue
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Viola papilionacea
FAMILY: Violaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Large cordate shaped leaves with dentate margins pointing to leaf tip. Creeping rhizomatous
perennial. Rhizomes scaly brow in color. Flowers blue to purple in color. Bilaterally symmetrical flower.
DESCRIPTION: Common weed in transition zone turfgrass, especially shaded areas. Numerous Viola spp. are common
throughout the transition zone and it is difficult to distinguish from them. Difficult to control perennial.
Three-way phenoxy herbicide mixtures, combinations of sulfonylureas with phenoxy herbicides, or
Imprelis (aminocylopyrachlor) are most effective.

Broad View Flowering plant

Broad View
Flowering plant

Flower / Seed Head Flower closeup.

Flower / Seed Head
Flower closeup.

Leaf Leaf closeup

Leaf closeup