vetch, large flower

COMMON NAME: Vetch, large flower
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Vicia grandiflora
FAMILY: Fabaceae
FEATURES: Winter annual broadleaf plant, with major growth and flowering occurring in spring. Vine-like annual
trailing herb forming a dense mat. Stems green and vine-like, curving. Leaves pinnately compound
with a curling tendril at end of leaf. Leaf 8 to 10 cm long with narrow leaflets. Leaflets 8 to 16.
Large white flowers approximately 3 to 4 cm in width. Flowers solitairy, bilaterally symmetrical,
with prominent white banner, wings, and keel.
DESCRIPTION: Common annual herb along roadsides, in pastures, and infrequently mowed areas. Often seeded
because of it large showy flower and nitrogen fixing properties. Easily distinguished from other
vetch species because of its large white flower with prominent banner.

Broad View Stem and flower characteristics

Broad View
Stem and flower characteristics

Leaf Leaf closeup

Leaf closeup

Flower / Seed Head Seedpod

Flower / Seed Head