COMMON NAME: Vaseygrass
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Paspalum urvillei
FAMILY: Poaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Growth habit: Perennial producing short rhizomes; thus clumping in growth habit but tall growing
up to six feet.; Stem: Rounded, glabrous.; Leaf: Leaf blades 20 to 30 inches in length and 1 to 1.5
inches wide. Leaf primarily glabrous.; Collar: Tuft of hairs produced at collar. Ligule membranous.;
Inflorescence: Large stalked infloresence, numerous (10 to 20) racemes that cause seedhead to bend.
DESCRIPTION: Tall growing perennial grass common in pastures, roadsides, and waste places. Not tolerant of low or
frequent mowing. Often confused with johnsongrass (Sorghum halapense). Johnsongrass produces a
sharp-pointed rhizome, has a prominent white mid-rib, and an open conical shaped panicle. Vaseygrass
also has a more mealy green-gray color, produces a larger membranous ligule, and has elongated hairs
surrounding the collar area.

Broad View Vaseygrass in a pasture

Broad View
Vaseygrass in a pasture

Flower / Seed Head Seedhead

Flower / Seed Head