COMMON NAME: Torpedograss
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panicum repens
FAMILY: Poaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Growth habit: Rhizomatous perennial grass producing stiff pointed rhizomes (thus, torpedo)
adapted for close fairway mowing or dense two to four foot stands. Stem: Stiff, rounded leaf
sheath with sparse long hairs; Leaf: Folded, stiff one inch wide, three to eight inches long; sharp
pointed tip; leaf generally glabrous but soft to the touch with trichomes; Collar: Hairs along leaf
edges at collar and leaf sheath; Membranous ligule. With fringe of hairs; Inflorescence: Seedhead
a panicle with numerous branches
DESCRIPTION: Rhizomatous perennial grass common in Gulf Coast region. Difficult to control weed of golf course
fairways and home lawns. Common aquatic weed. Rhizomes have been observed traveling up to 20
feet underground before reappearing.

Broad View Turfgrass infestation

Broad View
Turfgrass infestation

Broad View Seedhead

Broad View

Additional Rhizome