COMMON NAME: Star-of-bethlehem
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ornithogalum umbellatum
FAMILY: Liliaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Perennial non-grass monocot. Clump-like growth habit. Produces perennial bulb with axillary
bulbs produced along a central axis. Leaves green, linear often with a central white mid-rib.
Leaves also often appear succulent. Flowers are radially symmetrical with six white petals.
Petals are linear to lanceolate in shape and white on both upper and lower surface. In the
center of each flower are six stamens on elongated filaments.
DESCRIPTION: Bulbous perennial plant with primary growth period in winter season. Present more in dormant
warm-season turfgrass or thin cool-season turfgrass. Flowering can be sporadic and difficult to
predict. Plant can look similar to clumping perennial ryegrass at first appearance, but star-of-Bethlehem
has glossy, succulent leaves not having distinct veins. Very similar to spring starflower as well.
Star-of-Bethlehem has a more prominent white mid-rib and a central fold of the leaf.

Broad View Dormant turf contamination

Broad View
Dormant turf contamination

Broad View Plant

Broad View

Flower / Seed Head Flower

Flower / Seed Head

Additional Bulb structures

Bulb structures

Leaf Leaf