spurge, sun

COMMON NAME: Spurge, sun
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Euphorbia helioscopia
FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae
FEATURES: Annual broadleaf weed. Leaves alternate, spatulate. Stem red in color, often with sparse hairs
producing a milky sap when cut. Plant will have several stems emerging from a central point in
a spreading/lateral habit until flowering. At flowering, plant bolts producing flowers at the apex
of the plant. Inflorescence produced at the plant apex. A broad leafy inflorescence, yellow in color.
Individuals flowers are actually small and contained within the leafy inflorescence.
DESCRIPTION: Annual weed flowering in spring. Present along roadsides, pastures, and infrequently mowed turf —
more often present on piedmont or finer textured soils, rather than in coastal plain regions. Often
inconspicuous and unseen until flowering begins in the spring.

Broad View Large patch

Broad View
Large patch

Flower / Seed Head Inflorescence

Flower / Seed Head

Leaf Stem view

Stem view

Broad View Picturesque

Broad View