speedwell, corn

COMMON NAME: Speedwell, corn
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Veronica arvensis
FAMILY: Scrophulariaceae
FEATURES: Winter annual broadleaf weed. Plant a trailing herbaceous plant, that begins upward growth at
flowering. Plant pubescent (hairy) throughout. Lower leaves opposite becoming alternate up the
stem as plant matures. Lower leaves broader with palmate leaf venation. Upper leaves begin
developing at flowering are more lanceolate, with out prominent veins are tightly compact.
Flowers are four-petaled, white to pink, and only a few millimeters in diameter. Flowers are
produced in the axils of the tightly compact upper leaves.
DESCRIPTION: Common winter annual of turfgrass, landscape, and open fields throughout the southeast.
Typically germinates in fall and flowers in spring, quickly dying with the onset of hot summer
temperatures. Lower leaves, before flowering, are alternating, more broad with palmate venation.
As the plant matures in the spring and begins flowering the upper leaves are more linear and very
densely compact. Easily distinguished from other speedwells because of its very small flowers and
changing leaf morphology over time.

Broad View Flowering plant

Broad View
Flowering plant

Flower / Seed Head Flowering stem

Flower / Seed Head
Flowering stem

Leaf Leaf comparison

Leaf comparison

Flower / Seed Head Flowers

Flower / Seed Head