southern sandbur

COMMON NAME: Southern sandbur
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cenchrus echinatus
FAMILY: Poaceae
FEATURES: Growth habit: Upright growth habit. Two to three feet tall.; Stem: Leaf sheaths without hairs.;
Leaf: Leaves can have long-hairs sparsely distributed along leaf edge or glabrous. Leaves have a
scabrous/sandpaper like feel.; Collar: Liglue a fringe of hairs. Collar white in appearance. ;
Inflorescence: A spike of spiny burs. Seedpods, or burs, easily detach onto clothing or animal fur.
DESCRIPTION: Most notable characteristic is small seedpod with spines. Does not produce seedhead until August.
Stems can have a general reddish green appearance. Not common in mowed areas.

Flower / Seed Head Seedhead

Flower / Seed Head

Broad View Whole plant

Broad View
Whole plant

Additional Human dispersal of seed.

Human dispersal of seed.