COMMON NAME: Smutgrass
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sporobolus indicus
FAMILY: Poaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Growth habit: Upright growth habit, 1.5 to 3 feet tall. Plant can tolerate low, infrequent mowing;
Stem: Rounded and glabrous. Leaf: Thin, glabrous with a white midrib. Five to eight inches long.
Leaves usually rolled or folded.; Collar: A minuscule fringe of hairs; Inflorescence: A thin spike up
to 3 feet tall, often contaminated with a black smut fungus.
DESCRIPTION: Common pasture and unimproved turfgrass weed in droughty and/or sandy soils. Leaves usually
rolled or folded presumably due to droughty conditions.

Broad View Potted plant

Broad View
Potted plant

Flower / Seed Head Inflorescence

Flower / Seed Head

Leaf Thin linear leaf

Thin linear leaf