signalgrass, broadleaf

COMMON NAME: Signalgrass, broadleaf
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brachiaria platyphylla
FAMILY: Poaceae
FEATURES: Growth habit: Between prostrate to upright growth habit. Not tolerant of mowing; Stem: Stem
rounded. Leaf sheath having hairs along the edge.; Leaf: Produces a flag-like leaf that appears to
extend perpendicular to the leaf sheath. Leaves 2 to 8 inches in length tapering to a distinct point.
Leaves hairless, but leaf sheath and lower leaf edge having a fringe of hairs along edge.; Collar: Ligule
short to almost absent, membranous with fringe of hairs; Inflorescence: Two to five branching racemes
at the apex of the inflorescence.
DESCRIPTION: Common in disturbed ground or in cropping systems; not common in mowed areas. Densely tillering plant.

Broad View Whole plant

Broad View
Whole plant

Flower / Seed Head seedheads emerging from sheath

Flower / Seed Head
seedheads emerging from sheath