COMMON NAME: Johnsongrass
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sorghum halapense
FAMILY: Poaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Growth habit: tall upright growing perennial grass spreading by thicken rhizomes; Stem- rounded
stiff stem, glabrous; Leaf: elongated leaf over 12 inches long, mostly glabrous with a distinct white
mid-rib; Collar: short membranous ligule with a fringe of a hairs, short hairs in the collar region;
Inflorescence: large conical panicle at the apex of the plant, 6 to 10 inches in size.
DESCRIPTION: Tall growing perennial grass once propagated as a forage. Grows widely throughout the Southeast,
but highly adapted to high pH black belt soils. Plant can become toxic as the plant ages and as
temperatures become colder.

Broad View Whole plant

Broad View
Whole plant

Leaf Sheath and collar

Sheath and collar

Additional Panicle


Broad View Root system

Broad View
Root system