foxtail, yellow

COMMON NAME: Foxtail, yellow
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Setaria glauca
FAMILY: Poaceae
FEATURES: Growth habit: Upright, tillering, not producing rhizomes or stolons; Stem: Rounded, glabrous
with folded sheath; Leaf: glabrous with the exception of elongated hairs at base of leaf; Ligule: A
row of hairs surrounding the stem.; Inflorescence: A spike with bristles, yellow in appearance.
DESCRIPTION: Annual grass, but easily mistaken for knotroot foxtail, a perennial. Knotroot foxtail produces gnarly
short rhizomes. Widely distributed throughout the U.S.

Broad View Large developed plant

Broad View
Large developed plant

Flower / Seed Head Seedhead

Flower / Seed Head

Leaf Leaf characteristics

Leaf characteristics

Additional Stem characteristics

Stem characteristics