field madder

COMMON NAME: Field madder
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sherardia arvensis
FAMILY: Rubiaceae
FEATURES: Low growing winter annual broadleaf. Stems pubescent with prominent edges. Stems often
decumbent in growth, forming a dense clumping plant. Five to six leaves are whorled around
primary stem. Leaves lanceolate, often turning upwards, becoming very compact at the apex of
the plant. Solitary flowers white to purple with four distinct petals. Flowers produced at the plant
DESCRIPTION: Common winter annual broadleaf weed of dormant warm-season turfgrass or cool-season
turfgrass. More common in lower maintenance turfgrass and in thin dormant turfgrass. Whorled
leaves, pubescent stems, and four petal flowers are distinguishing characteristics.

Broad View Dense stand in dormant turfgrass

Broad View
Dense stand in dormant turfgrass

Flower / Seed Head Flowering stem

Flower / Seed Head
Flowering stem

Leaf Leaves


Flower / Seed Head Flowers

Flower / Seed Head

Broad View General stand

Broad View
General stand