COMMON NAME: Dichondra
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dichondra carolinesis
FAMILY: Convolvulaceae
LIFECYCLE: Perennial
FEATURES: Creeping perennial herb. Stoloniferous. Leaf reniform (kidney-shaped), glabrous. Flowers in
leaf axils, 5 yellow to white petal, 5 hairy leaf-like bracts, 5 stamens, surrounding one pistil.
Flowers are rarely seen in southeastern U.S.
DESCRIPTION: Difficult to control turfgrass weed. Often used as a turf species in western states. Highly adapted
to moist, hot climate of southeast. However, this species can behave erratically at times-
disappearing under drought conditions and heavy competition of summer and disappearing during
cold winter months. Active growth period is more in spring and fall, and low competition conditions
during summer. Seemingly present year round under optimum conditions.

Broad View Turfgrass infestation

Broad View
Turfgrass infestation

Broad View Distinct reniform leaf

Broad View
Distinct reniform leaf