blue-eyed grass, common

COMMON NAME: Blue-eyed grass, common
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sisyrinchium rosulatum
FAMILY: Iridaceae
FEATURES: Annual grass-like plant in the iris (Iridaceae) family. Plant develops from a central axis
forming a rosette. Leaves compressed and glabrous. Flowers are solitary with six petal,
three anthers surrounding a single pistil. Flowers can be blue, white, or yellow– but all
have a darkened ring inside the flower petals. Seed pod are round, smooth, approximately
0.5 cm in diameter.
DESCRIPTION: A winter annual weed in turfgrass. Common grass-like iris plant of managed turf along
the coastal plain region. Primarily on sandy textured soils in turfgrass.

Broad View Whole plant

Broad View
Whole plant

Flower / Seed Head Flower comparison

Flower / Seed Head
Flower comparison

Leaf Flower and leaves

Flower and leaves

Broad View Flower comparison

Broad View
Flower comparison