COMMON NAME: Bahiagrass
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Paspalum notatum
FAMILY: Poaceae
FEATURES: Growth habit: Rhizomatous mat forming perennial. Forms densely packed purple rhizomes.
Old leaf sheaths often present on rhizomes.; Stem: Erect and glabrous ; Leaf: Leaf width
can vary with cultivar and environmental characteristics. Normally a thin leaf from 10 to
25cm long depending on mowing height. Leaf can have a few hairs along the leaf edge close
to the collar, but mostly glabrous otherwise; Collar: Very short membranous ligule with a short
fringe of hairs. White band present at the collar. ; Inflorescence: V-shaped seedhead with racemes
similar to other Paspalum species.
DESCRIPTION: Rhizomatous perennial grass commonly used in low maintenance turfgrass areas and pastures due
to drought tolerance. Common cultivars include: ‘Pensacola’, ‘Argentine’, ‘Paraguayan’, and
‘Tifton-9’, as well as ‘common’ bahiagrass.

Additional Bahiagrass turf

Bahiagrass turf

Broad View Crown and fibrous root system

Broad View
Crown and fibrous root system

Broad View Harvested plant

Broad View
Harvested plant

Leaf Leaf collar region

Leaf collar region

Flower / Seed Head Seedhead

Flower / Seed Head

Broad View Rhizome

Broad View