Robert Trent Jones, Grand National Golf Trail & Course, Auburn AL

Golf Greens & Courses Turf Management

Golf courses provide a unique set of challenges for the turfgrass manager: large expanses of land with different turf species, variations in shade, multiple soil types, slopes, drainage and constructed root zones – just to name a few. Golf course managers – called superintendents in the U.S. and greenkeepers in other locales around the world – must account for and adapt to these practices to create a consistent, predictable playing surface.

The U.S. golf market is the largest in the world with about 16,000 18-hole facilities and a need for many well-trained turfgrass managers to keep the courses running. Students in our golf course management program have options for internships around the world or close to home. And when they graduate, they find an abundance of job openings in the industry they have trained for.