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Kim Pope


As a 2010 alumna in crop, soil and environmental sciences, Kim works as pesticide safety education coordinator for the LSU Ag Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her responsibilities include working throughout the state of Louisiana to train private and commercial pesticide applicators on safe and proper pesticide use. She works to help applicators become certified to apply pesticide in all of Louisiana’s agricultural categories, such as ornamental and turf, right-of-way, agricultural pest, forestry pest, institutional, seed treatment and more. She also works with Master Gardeners and the pest control industry on proper use of pesticides. There are more than 13,000 certified pesticide applicators throughout the state. Kim also works with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry to help keep exam materials up-to-date and to improve the statewide certification and training program. In addition to her state responsibilities, she is also very active on a regional and national level. She is a member of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators, and she also works with EPA.


Current Position
Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator
LSU Ag Center

Current Location
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Nominated to be part of the Certification and Training Assessment Group (CTAG)

Auburn Memories

There are so many! Auburn was such a great place to be for college. One of the best memories I had while attending Auburn and riding for the equestrian team was when we won the SEC Championship. Also, one really neat thing was the year I graduated, the football team won the National Championship, and I was able to attend the game. The last time Auburn won the National Championship was when my grandmother was enrolled.