Andrew Price

Affiliate Associate Professor
Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences

Weed Science

Selected Publications


2003 Ph.D., North Carolina State University (Crop Science)
1999 M.S., The University of Tennessee (Plant and Soil Sciences)
1996 B.S., The University of Tennessee (Plant and Soil Sciences)

Professional Activities:

Brief description of research program and goals
Overall objectives are: (1) to develop weed management systems that integrate herbicides, conservation tillage, crop rotations, cover crops, and agronomic crops, and (2) develop guidelines and decision best management practices (BMP’s) which will assist producers in selecting systems that improve resistant weed management while retaining conservation practices. Current research includes investigating herbicide efficacy, weed population dynamics, diversity, and population composition, weed seed bank, crop-weed interactions, competition and weed control, plant-environment-herbicide interactions, canopy development and light interception, allelopathic interactions, resistant biology and management, and economic thresholds of weeds in row-crop and vegetables grown in high-residue conservation agriculture production systems. Guest lecture in various crop production and integrated pest management classes at Auburn University. This research is in cooperation with scientists from Federal/State agencies and universities, producer groups, industry, and individual producers.

Professional Experience:

2003-present Affiliate Assistant Professor, Auburn University
2003-present Weed Scientist, USDA-ARS, National Soil Dynamics Unit
2001-2002 Research Associate, North Carolina State University
1999-2002 Graduate Research Assistant, North Carolina State University
1997-1999 Graduate Research Assistgant, The University of Tennessee

Honors & Awards:

  • USDA-ARS Certificate of Merit for “Outstanding Performance”, USDA-ARS, 2012.
  • USDA-ARS Spot Award for “Exceptional Service to the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory”, 2010.
  • USDA-ARS Spot Award “In Recognition of Your Efforts Supporting the Location Environmental Management and Safety Program”, 2010.
  • USDA-ARS Certificate of Merit Presented for “Outstanding Dedication and Support of Conservation Agriculture Programs in the Southeast United States”, 2007.
  • Distinguished Service Award, presented for “Outstanding Conservation Systems Research and Technology Transfer” presented by the Alabama Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society, 2006.
  • Bailey Award, American Peanut Research and Education Society, 2005.
  • Outstanding Ph.D Student, Crop Science Department, N.C. State University, 2003.

Leadership Positions:

  • Committee Chair, Southern Weed Science Society Weed Competition, ’09-‘11.
  • Committee Member, ’06, ’08-‘12 Herbicide Resistance Committee, Southern Weed Science Society.
  • Committee Member,’10-‘12 Newsletter, Weed Science Society of America.
  • Board of Directors Member, ’06-’11, Alabama Invasive Plant Council.
  • Judge, ’05-’08 SWSS graduate student contest; ‘07 SWCS Alabama Chapter graduate student poster contest, ’06 Southern Branch ASA poster contest, ’08 SWSS graduate student of the year contest; ’12 SWSS outstanding educator award committee; ’12 SWSS outstanding graduate student award committee.
  • Coach, Auburn University SWSS Weed Team ’07, ’08
  • Treasurer, ’07-‘10 Alabama Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society.
  • President Elect, ’11-‘12 Alabama Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society.
  • Treasurer, ’11-‘12 Alabama Invasive Plant Council.
  • Affiliate Associate Professor, ’03-’12, Agronomy and Soils Dept., Auburn University.
  • Committee Member, ’04-’09, Team Conservation Tillage: ARS, AU, UGA, NRCS.
  • Committee Member, ’05-’06, Georgia Extension Conservation Tillage Task Force: UGA, ARS, AU, NRCS.

Professional Societies Membership:

  • Chairperson, 2003-2004, SERA-IEG, Current Issues in Weed Biology, Weed/Crop Interactions, and Weed Management in the Southern Region (S-183).
  • Alabama Invasive Plant Council
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society
  • International Weed Science Society
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Southern Weed Science Society
  • Weed Science Society of America


411 S Donahue Drive
Auburn Univ, AL 36849